Jaesen Kanter

Nurturing and Exploring the Subconscious Realm


Acrylic on canvas- Michele painted two different portraits of her daughter Dakota and herself.

Digital Art to canvas- Jaesen then masterfully worked them into one image.

Acrylic on canvas- Michele then painted, recreating the body art (gifts of dad/papa) and painting her dad, Dakotas Grampa, in the moon.

3 process

Collaboration by Michele Bramlett and Jaesen Kanter

Three generations

Bramlett blood runs true and deep.

The body art represents the gifts of my father

to me, his daughter and his granddaughter Dakota

I painted the love of music and horses on my daughter. The arm band represents our heritage and conveys the strength of my daughter.

She is a warrior.

The guitar pic is about a conversation, the last conversation my dad had with his granddaughter.

Christmas eve dad told her “don’t ever use a hard pic, the damn things are too hard.  Don’t ever use a soft pic cuz they’re just too soft. ALWAYS use a medium pic.”

I painted our love of horses on both of our bodies.

Dad gave to us the gift of “ga wa ni so qui li”

“speak horse”

I painted dad singing to Kota giving her the gift of love and art and expression.

I have on my body an easel to honor the gift of art my parents gave to me.

I am in armor which represents strength, loyalty, courage.

Its about  the war I have endured.

Its about the truth.

This was the first time I painted my dad since he died.

“Do you know who we are?”

Michele Bramlett

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