Jaesen Kanter

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Bluesapalooza 2010

This year the Blues guide took on a new look. A slimed down pocket version of last years…. Wait, I can’t tell a lie! It’s really not much like the years in the past but none the less, it did the job. Just to bad that this year Dave Mason was playing Bluesapalooza, I’ve been working with Dave on Matilija Magic, the Delaney and Bonnie project. Would have made for a wicked interview for the guide. You can download the Interactive Blues Guide 2010 here.


If you would like the Interactive PDF version of the 2008 or 2009 Blues Guide just email me.


I finally had the pleasure of working with Christine Hansen of 33 Productions on a project. And I have to say, for a first year event, it was done right. Looking forward to designing next years guide. Email me if you would like the Interactive PDF version of this guide.

WAV Ad Campaign

As a resident of the WAV (Working Artists Ventura) I had the honor of designing the first brochure.

You can download the interactive version here.

Then came the marketing material, and that all started when I meet Stew Birbrower, a retired, high roller, ad exec from New York. Stew’s collection of Cleo’s alone was enough to get my creative juices flowing as I knew I had the opportunity to learn from a pro. Here’s a look at some of the ad campaign…

The Plenty Green Market

A layout I made for Plenty magazine’s introduction of there Green Market Place.

The Sheet

As the Art Director for The Sheet I had the opportunity to create some great content. Working with Ted Carlton and the crew in the Sheet office you never knew who was going to walk through the door on any given day!


Lift Magazine

This is a conceptual magazine that I designed for new air service from Alaska Airlines into Mammoth.

Nuki Examiner

The Nuki Examiner is a marketing concept I came up with for the restaurant/tiki bar Lakanuki in Mammoth Lakes, CA. It was a monthly spoof of the tabloid World News Weekly. The center fold was the restaurants menu and the accompanying pages were stories about Mammoth lifestyle and nightlife, sports rants and various entertaining stuff for kids big and small. It was a great marketing piece to keep patrons occupied while they waited for food and made for a great souvenir for guests. It also kept locals coming back to read the latest issue. This was a very successful marketing campaign.