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Logo Design

When I designed my first logo in 1995 I was taking art classes, so reading stacks of books on design theory seemed like a perfectly fine place to start.

But by the time I sold my very first logo, I realized that the skills needed in this business were nothing like what I had learned. Forget balance, form, texture, rhythm, and just about all of the formal elements that they talk about in design schools.
In the real world, business owners want designs that…

represent their companies
are unique
are easy to remember

That’s what logos should do.

Just that.

The primary function of a logo is to stick in the mind of the target audience.

When it grows up, it needs to become a brand. Something people can immediately recognize. It sounds simple enough, but this is probably the hardest part of logo design. For a logo to stick, it has to be unique and simple.

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