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New CD by Michael Allman and Friends of the Poor Elijah Foundation

New CD by Michael Allman and Friends of the Poor Elijah Foundation

Written by Teri Merchant
Monday, 25 October 2010

“To Delaney & Bonnie From Friends Of The Poor Elijah Foundation”

New CD by Michael Allman and Friends of the Poor Elijah Foundation. Michael Allman and the Friends of Poor Elijah Foundation with Floyd Tom Skinner at Tree Sound Studios have recorded D&B songs “Livin On The Open Road” and “Get Ourselves Together” to honor the MAGIC of Delaney & Bonnie and to support the Poor Elijah Foundation and the movement of induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!
Available for download now –





Michael Allman – Vocals

Tony Tyler – Guitar & Vocals

Ike Stubblefield – B-3 Organ & Piano

Todd Smallie – Bass

Yonrico Scott – Drums & Percussion

Donna Hopkins – Vocals on Get Ourselves Together

Laura D’Orsi – Vocals on Livin’ on the Open Road

Produced by Floyd (Tom) Skinner

Executive Producer – Gina McClain

Engineered by Miguel Scott

Edited and Mixed by Miguel Scott & Floyd (Tom) Skinner

Recorded at Tree Sound Studios Norcross,GA

Mastered by Miguel Scott at Tree Sound Studios Norcross,GA

Original Painting (cover) by Michelle Bramlett

Digital Art Design by Jaesen Kanter

A Very Special Thanks to Paul Diaz for his Unmatched Generosity!

An All-Skinn Music Group Production for the Benefit of The Poor Elijah Foundation – 2010

Michael Allman and Friends of Poor Elijah Foundation CD cover for singles “Livin On The Open Road” / “Get Ourselves Together” honoring Delaney & Bonnie and Friends.

“Just Paint What Your Dad Loved” were the words of Michael Allman as we discussed the cover art for his CD “To Delaney & Bonnie From The Friends of the Poor Elijah Foundation”

The figure in the top right corner is honoring Michael Allman and his dedication to the movement of PEF and the induction of D&B and Friends into the RRHOF. Michael, with F Tom Skinner, and ”Friends of Poor Elijah” did an amazing job and the Bramlett family is so proud. You rocked it. Thank you.

Dad loved horses and he loved to ride. He loved our “Rock and Roll Ranch”. He loved being home. My Dad was a brilliant composer and loved and rocked the most soulful horn sections.He heard music in his head all the time. The guitar is a given…I can’t even imagine Dad without his guitar close by. He loved, and was influenced by, Robert Johnson. Dad said, “He was a good friend of mine ‘long time ‘fore I was born.” He loved his front porch. Swinging and singing and sitting on his chair and playin guitar and talking and telling stories and looking at his roses.

I painted the corner of the album “The Original Delaney & Bonnie and Friends – Accept No Substitute” to honor the Magic. The figure in the top left corner is from an image Jaesen created.My Dad loved to fly in his dreams.This symbolism was created during the first works of the Elijah Series. It represents Dad’s hand and who he touched directly. Those he taught, mentored, inspired, and loved.The back cover is an image of an empty greyhound tour bus by Jaesen Kanter. Can you imagine the stories on that bus? MAGIC!

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