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Ivory Keys

Jaesen Kanter

The collaboration of Jaesen Kanter and Michele Bramlett


In this piece, the piano man represents the gate keeper of souls. As President Obama stands on a Mississippi beach watching BP’s oil wash ashore during the worst American environmental disaster that’s destroying the gulf of Mexico, he is faced with the choice every president before him since LDJ has had to make. Do you sell your soul to “Big Oil” or do you finally take a stand and do right by the people . A moral test that every president thus far has failed. Greed is a hell of a drug! The names within the bloody hand represent all the people who have lost there lives fighting for black gold. The presidents nick-names on the side of the piano have all sold their souls. What will Obama do?

“Street Players”

The music is everywhere. Walking the streets of So Cal and listening for “Poor Elijah”, Jaesen and Michele photographed musicians intent on capturing the essence of “singing for your supper”.   In this series, the artists, working from the same photos simultaneously have lent their interpretation of the moment captured. Jaesen’s blank canvas, the photo. His medium, digital media. Michele’s work is acrylic on canvas.   Each collaboration will be sold as a set which includes Jaesens framed piece, Michele’s painting, and the original photo taken.

Price for each set  $1000.00 Proceeds to benefit the Poor Elijah Foundation.

Michele Bramlett