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Jimmy Messina – Matilija Magic

You know Jim Messina’s music. Over the years, this gifted singer, songwriter and guitarist has created timeless tunes as part of Poco, Buffalo Springfield and Loggins & Messina. What many people don’t realize is that he’s a gifted artist, too. His paintings — of schoolhouses, bank buildings and quaint inns — seem to harken back to simpler, quieter times.

Jimmy has been a huge supporter of Matilija Magic from day one. He debuted his artwork at the Matilija Magic Art and Music Show fundraiser back in July. The stories Jimmy shares about forming Loggins & Messina, opening for Delaney & Bonnie and there huge impact on his life and many other musicians are priceless. If you enjoy this outtake please spread the LOVE.

Visit http://matilijamagic.com to learn more about Matilija Magic the Delaney & Bonnie story.

Matilija Magic is a full length documentary currently in production.

Matilija Magic Art and Music Show

Matilija Magic Poster

by Jaesen Kanter


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July 24th 2010 Art and Music Show

Jimmy Messina, rock legend (Poco, Buffalo Springfield, Loggins and Messina) Set to debut his paintings at the WAV in Ventura Matilijah Magic Art and live music show WAV July 24TH ~~ 3:00P.M to 10:00 P.M.~~ 35 W. Thompson Blvd Ventura, Ca Born in Texas in 1947, Jimmy began learning to play the guitar at the age of five. His influences were Elvis Presley and Ricky Nelson. He was especially drawn to the California sound of The Beach Boys and Dick Dale. This singer, songwriter, producer, engineering master, has found satisfaction in every new adventure. Painting for years , this is Jimmy’s first public showing . Michele Bramlett will be unveiling her piece “Poor Elijah” ( Inspired by her fathers song of the same name)~ Michele will also be showing for the first time her collaborative effort with artist Jaesen Kanter! Live music with Victor Vega & The Bomb With Special Guests Johnny Smith (Delaney Bramletts Nephew), David Bell, Paull E. Rubin, and Paul Kanter